I recently subscribed to the print version of wired magazine. I always like reading wired articles online but always found myself not spending enough time reading them well enough. The kindle reader for magazines doesn’t do justice to the art and style. I decided to go print.

And 2 issues later, I must admit I really enjoy it this way. I decided to stop using my phone in some key spots at home like the washroom and our bedroom. I keep the magazine by these “hot spots” that give me a cue on what I need to be doing there.

With my phone away from me, I naturally dive into the magazine. I fold pages I want to look up later and find time to do just that during the weekends. Since I am more mindful of this activity, I end up retaining more content in my head. And I come out inspired. I am going away from mindless scrolling and empty consumption to more focused reading and tailored habit.

I recommend you to create space to take in more. It seems inefficient initially but you see the ROI in many dimensions.